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Visit Kuakata - Kuakata Tourist Information

Kuakata Tourist Activities:

  • Watching sunrise and sunset from the beach
  • Relaxing on the beach
  • Visiting the Buddhist temple and fishing villages
  • Going to the nearby forest reserve
  • Witnessing the Raash Purnima and Maghi Purnima festivities during the events.

Kuakata Traveller Quick Facts

Administrative Division: Barisal Division

Area: 3,204.58 km2 (1,237.3 sq mi)

Population: 1,444,340

Airport: Barisal Airport (IATA: BZL, ICAO: VGBR)

Local Transport: Cars, Bus, Rickshaw

Tourist Season:  November - February

Interesting Facts:

  • It is possible to watch both sunrise and sunset on the bay from the kuakata beach
  • The name kuakata has derived from the fact that early Rakhine settlers used to dig wells on the sea beach in quest of collection drinking water. The words kua means "Well" and Kata means "Dug".

Kuakata is a rare scenic Bangladesh Eco-Tourism destination located in the south west coastal area. It is just about 70 kilometers away from the district headquarters of Patuakhali, 320 kilometers from dhaka and about one hour trawler journey away from The Sundarbans. The beautiful sandy beach of Kuakata attracts scores of tourists as from this location one can watch both Sunset and Sunrise on Sea. This less freqented destination is often visited by tourists who also make a trip to The Sundarbans.

The sea beach at kuakata is about 30 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide and gently slopes into the water. This allows tourists a pleasant bath or swim, a walk and lazy relaxation on the beach.

Visit Kuakata and enjoy this still unspoiled destination.

Kuakata Tourist Attractions:

  • The unique opportunity to fully view both Sunset and Sunrise exclusively on the bay.
  • Lines of coconut trees, and forests provide a sanctuary for migratory winter birds and provides the bird watchers an extra perk for coming to kuakata.
  • The picture perfect setting in a laid back environment where time comes to a standstill. It is a pleasure to watch the frolicking of the sailing boats, busy in surfing or fishing.
  • The Gangamati Reserved Forest, a remnant of the Sundarban, is in reachable distance and provides an opportunity of seeing a miniature mangrove forest.
  • Nearby Buddhist temple containing an idol of Goutom Budhdha, is also a common tourist destination. Two 200 year old wells are also present in the vicinity.
  • The fishing villages also provide an opportunity to learn about the fishermen's lives and customs. In exchange of some money they can even take tourists for a fishing trip into the bay. Fresh fishes can also be bought from this place.
  • During the "Rash Purnima" and "Maghi Purnima" Hindu and Buddhist devotees arrive here for a celebration and usually fairs are also arranged.