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Bangladesh Hill Destinations

Bangladesh Hill Destinations offer a beautiful world of Sloping Landscape covered with forest, tea gardens and orange groves infused with rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The prime hill destination Sylhet and Sreemangal offers a glimpse to the towering Bangladesh Hills and those of Meghalaya, India whereas the sloping Sylhet landscape is covered with green tea gardens and forests. Because of natural beauty Sylhet is adorably called "The Queen of Hills".

Rangamati and particularly Bandarban boasts the highest Bangladesh peaks, measuring over 3000ft. The bluish dreamy Rangamati and Bandarban hills are covered with deep forests and home to largest manmade lake, The Kaptai Lake. Hence termed as the "Lake City of Bangladesh".

Visit Sylhet - Sylhet Tourist Information

Located on the picturesque Surma valley, covered with Scenic Sylhet Tea Gardens, lush green tropical forests and crisscrossed by numerous rivers, Hill destination Sylhet is a special Tourist Destination in Bangladesh. Laid between towering hills, the Khasia and Jainta to the north and the Tripura hills to the south, Sylhet breaks the monotony of the flat Gangetic plains and often termed as the Queen of Hills.

Visit Sreemangal - Sreemangal Tourist Information

Sreemangal, The Tea Capital of Bangladesh, is a picturesque hilly area covered with tea estates, lemon groves and pineapple gardens. Miles after miles, Sreemangal Tea Estates form a green carpet on the sloping hills. A large portion of world's highest quality tea is grown and exported from Sreemangal, hence it is called the tea capital. But there is more to Sreemangal than just tea. Sreemangal is a magical world famous for nature, forests and wildlife, which makes it another prime Bangladesh Eco-Tourism Destination. Here it is possible to look around and not see another human being.

Visit Rangamati - Rangamati Tourist Information

Rangamati, a small town located amongst the green hills, lakes and rivers of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. This is what makes it a prime Bangladesh hill destination. It is known as the Lake City of Bangladesh as this place is located on the bank of the beautiful Kaptai Lake. It is the administrative headquarter of the Rangamati Hill District, the largest district of Bangladesh and located some 77 kilometres away from Chittagong. For long time Rangamati has been a prime Bangladesh tourist destination for its location, scenic beauty, colourful tribal people, tribal homespun textiles and ivory jewellery.